About V-Expand

About V-Expand

What is V-Expand?

V‐Expand solution comprises of several components; its software is running on physical server with secured Operating System. V-Expand mainly focuses on scalability (expand the extension numbers without the issues of licensing), telephone bill reduction and useful features. For some organizations that perceive the telephony system as mission critical application, V-Expand can run as High Availability (HA) mode, Physical server and software can be delivered as redundant system. This ensures the system resilient as result, the uninterrupted business.

V‐Expand is suitable for every industry and any size of organization. V-Expand has many features to support single office, branches, factories, hotels, hospitals, or even public sectors which are looking for solution that can reduce the telephone bills and support future growth of the organization.


Challenges/Problems of Analog Telephony System

V‐Expand can help your organization overcome the traditional problems in Analog PBX and other IP‐Telephony System effectively, for example:

The effective scalability of extension numbers – No problem with full occupied slots like Analog PBX or complicated licensing like some IP-Telephony systems anymore. V-Expand can add more extension number as many as the organization needs without full occupied slots and no additional licenses required.

Reduce the telephone bills – V-Expand helps the organization reduce telephone expenses such as:

bullet-second Domestic calls – home phone and mobile phone as well as International calls.
bullet-second No expenses for inter-branches calls.
bullet-second More economical when expanding extension numbers

Single Infrastructure: Organization no longer pays maintenance fee for traditional phone
system. V‐Expand shares existing LAN system which does not need to pay for cabling (RJ 11). The existing Analog PBX can be removed so the organization which reduces the maintenance fee as well. Moreover, personnel who administrate the system can be shared with the same team who administrate IT system of organization. Therefore, there are lower costs and expenses in running the system.

No additional Licenses required: Every series of V‐Expand comes with full features, there is no expenses of additional licenses for activating any features (expect Call Center). Furthermore, the more extension numbers can be expended immediately without any licenses required, all the organization needs is just purchase new phones for new extension numbers.

Smart phones integration: increase the capability of communication of organization by integrating smart phone with V-Expand via Wi-Fi or 3g. After the integration completed, the smart phones will operate as one of extension number of the owner and can call to other extension numbers, external numbers or receive calls immediately.

3rd party system integration: V-Expand can be customized to integrate with 3rd party systems
such as CRM, ERP, or organizational accounting system.

Open Standard: V-Expand is developed by using all open standards; for example, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) which enables this enables V-Expand to work with other Telephony Systems seamlessly without and adaptors or additional licenses required.

Various Features: V-Expand supports many features which enhances the organization productivity such as phone directory, call history, remote desk, and missed call notifications. There are also useful features for administrator to manage system easily such as GUI Management, AD synchronization and Endpoint management.