V-Expand can adapt and deploy according to specific requirement of organization. It can be categorized in 6 types as follows:

bullet-third – Organization with single HQ – V-Expand can be plugged into LAN Network of the organization immediately. Furthermore, employees can connect their Smart Phones with V-Expand which can be used to make or receive calls as their owned extension number.


bullet-third- Organization with multi-branches – V-Expand can be deployed at any branch of organization. As result, employees can call between branches without any expenses.


bullet-third Remote offices or mini-branches –For organization which has remote offices or mini-branches with few numbers of employees, organization can choose not to deploy V-Expand at branches but provide only phones and allow them to connect to V-Expand at HQ. As the result, employees can make inter-branches calls without any expenses.


bullet-third – Virtualization Server Supportn – V-Expand can be deployed on Virtualization Server technology, for example VMWare. This can reduce the hardware cost.


bullet-third Analog PBX Integration – For organization who has limited budget with IP-Telephony system investment, at first phase, organization can choose to connect V-Expand with Analog PBX through various ports such as FXS, FXO, or E1. This approach can help organization save cost of number of phones since organization can still utilize the existing analog phones along with V-Expand system.


bullet-third Other Brands of IP-Telephony System Integration – For some organizations that already use other bands of IP-Telephony system, however, do not want to extend extensions numbers on those IP-Telephony systems any more. The reasons might be the expensive and proprietary phones, license and MA. The organizations can choose the alternative solution by deploying V-Expand and then integrate to existing IP-Telephony systems. Therefore, organization can expand extension numbers on V-Expand site without the concerns of cost of license or proprietary protocols.