Professional services

In order to successfully deploy IP-Telephony System without problems in long run such as sound quality, it does not only depend on IP-telephony system itself but also rely on existing IT infrastructure of the organization which must be ready and supportive. Therefore, the existing LAN & Wireless, Internet Link & Internet Access and Security must be assessed to ensure that there are already necessary features or best practices to support IP-Telephony System; for example,

bullet-third Creating Voice-VLAN at LAN Switch system in order to entirely separate voice traffic and data traffic. The main reason is security  and performance matters.

bullet-third Creating Quality of Service (QoS) at LAN Switch, Router, Wireless Access Point, and Firewall by making priority voice traffic superior than other traffics. The main purpose is to guarantee the quality of voice over network connection.

With more than 20 years experiences in total IT Infrastructure- Network, Security, Multi-OS, Database and Server/Storage, TERABYTE has full capability in consulting and modifying infrastructure to support IP-Telephony system by providing the below Life Cycle Service as follows:

bullet-third Requirement Assessment: We will thoroughly assess the existing infrastructure such as the number of required extension numbers and external lines, cost saving approaches (VoIP Provider, GSM Gateway including Return on Investment (ROI) calculation) in order to design the system that ensure wealthy investment.


bullet-third Existing Infrastructure Assessment: We will evaluate existing network/security of the organization to ensure that existing infrastructure can support IP-Telephony system. In case the existing infrastructure is not ready yet for IP-Telephony system, we will propose the solution to fix the problems.

bullet-third Total Solution Design: We will design the best total solution which is the most suitable to the organization and ensure that the IP-telephony system will work with existing infrastructure and other services without any conflict in the future.

bullet-third Total Solution Implementation: Professional Services who are experts in IP-Telephony System will implement solution as designed and test the system until system is stable and working properly.

bullet-third M/A: Terabyte has M/A (Maintenance Agreement) Service after implementation which includes helping and upgrading firmware and features in the future. The services also include troubleshooting and fix the issues that may occur in the future.