Save Cost

How does V‐Expand save cost?


Save telephone expenses: It can reduce external calls for example, 02 numbers (Bangkok and its vicinity) , provincial calls, mobile phone calls, or even international calls by integrating with GSM Gateway or VoIP Provider(can be proposed as total solution). With this solution, telephone bills can be reduced significantly.

No charge for inter‐branches: Employees can make free inter‐branches calls of the organization via WAN Connection.

No charge when calling from anywhere in the world to extension numbers of the organization: All organization needs are just internet connection and phones or Soft‐Phones installed in Laptops or Smartphones. Employees can enjoy calling to extension numbers of organization without charges via Wi-Fi or 3g, no matter they are in other provinces or aboard.

Call from oversea to domestic: For example, if employees travel to USA. and would like to call their home number through V-Expand of organization, the expenses will be charged as domestic rate from organization to that home number (not from USA. to home number) which saves the expenses for organization significantly.

Save infrastructure expenses:  : V‐Expand system can share the same network infrastructure of the organization with IT system by integrating with LAN or WiFi. Therefore, organization has no cost of additional cabling.

Save cost in expanding extension numbers:  V‐Expand can expand extension numbers more efficient than Analog PBX without adding extension cards which is expensive. Furthermore, there is no license expense for expanding extension numbers.

Save maintenance cost: It is not necessary to hire outsourced telephone technicians since V‐expand system is IP Telephony System which can be managed and maintained by IT Administrators of that organization.