Advance Features

V‐Expand has been developed by extending the capability of Asterisk (The open source technology) to make it more efficiency and support various requirements of organizations. The followings are example features and details:

1-reportAdvanced Report
Advanced Report‐ In-depth report of telephone usage of organization which is easy to understand and useful. Report shows data in form of table and graph. Data can be shown in perspective of individual employees or department including expenses analysis; for example, top 10 report (the first ten employees who
made the most phone calls). Report can be exported in pdf. or .csv l file format.

2-syncAD Synchronization
AD Synchronization‐ Help administrators manage user accounts and extension numbers. It also promotes centralized management by synchronize data from Microsoft Active Directory.
Therefore, administrators do not need to add, delete, or edit user account from V‐Expand
System manually.

3-managementEndpoint Management
Endpoint Management‐ No matter how many phones the organization has, V‐Expand can
configure and deploy configuration automatically to every phone from the call manager server. Therefore, administrators do not need to manually manage IP Address, MAC address and configuration files of each phone which is very complex.

4-mobileMobile Extension
Mobile Extension‐ Suitable for organization that uses mobile desk solution. Employees can
immediately retrieve their owned extension number to any physical phone on any desk they are sitting. Therefore, they can always use their owned extension numbers even they change their desks every day. Setting can be done easily by pressing code number on phones without any help from administrators required.

5-policyCall Policy
Call Policy‐ Organization can set calling authorization; for example, only departments or
positions that have been granted the permission can call mobile phone numbers or international phone numbers while the others can only make the domestic or internal calls.

routing1Intelligent Call Routing
Intelligent Call Routing‐ When employees want to call mobiles, domestic
or international calls, system can route those calls to the cheapest channel at that moment automatically. Therefore, organization can be sure that those telephone bills are reduced to the cheapest expense.