Why V-Expand?


Why V-Expand from Terabyte?

V-Expand is solution that TERABYTE has continuously developed to meet the various business requirements of organizations. New features has been developed and released constantly. As the result, We are sure that V-Expand offers more features that addresses the needs of the customers than other brands of IP Telephony systems who cannot provide the right features for customers properly. Furthermore, V-Expand also focuses on telephone bill reduction which is able to accomplish by many solutions such as GSM Gateway, SIP Provider or Call Policy as examples.

10 reasons why the organization should choose V-Expand from TERABYTE

 1. Scalability: Scalability –Expand the extension numbers effectively – break the limitation of traditional PBX.
 2. Reduce Telephone Bill: Significantly reduce telephone bill by many solutions.
 3. Mature & Robust Technology: Developed based on Asterisk, the most famous IP-Telephony system which has most market share in the world.
 4. Ease of Management: With user friendly Web GUI.
 5. Open Standard: No any proprietary standards, be able to operate with any vendors.


 6. Powerful Features:Beyond the basic features, V-Expand has many advanced features, ADSync, Reports, Mobile Management.
 7. Very High Reliability: Ensure the business continuous with HA feature.
 8. Interoperability with Existing PABX: Save your implementation cost in the first phase by interoperate with existing PBX.
 9. Reasonable Investment & Better ROI: No extra or hidden license cost. (license for expand extension numbers or advanced features)
 10. Total Solution and One Stop Services: implement and install by professional services.